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0*PUNYETA NARIRINIG KO UNG OPENING NUNG CODE GEASS*Mat pat you didn’t ruin my childhood because I never had oneI like how someone at my school pretended to be a horse but d already liked this anyway XD
1Снимают бтс просмотры, а потом используют их песню👍Yeah, I immediately skipped to the 9th minutes ;) ( I thank you very much for all your videos!!!)821
3Everything about this video made me so happy I'm so proud of your team for owning up to problems in your old videos that most of us would never have noticed You have definitely earned my trust, and my respect too Keep doing what you're doing, because it's great!If you want to go to heaven like my comment772
4Pepsi: PippaCoco~Cola: CocoMonster drink: MonikaLa Cociwysochakzvkahs: LilySend helpI love how you posted this 4 minutes ago and it already has 58k views 😂😂😂402
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